Who we are.

If you were to google Moree Small Schools, you would not find an entry that would tell you who we are. In fact you wouldn’t even find this blog (yet!) as this site is so young that it is yet to register in Google’s algorithm. So it seems that perhaps we should post a bit more information about who we are and why we are taking part in this year’s Archibull Prize.

Each of our schools is a small school in the areas that surround Moree NSW. As schools in rural and remote locations, we are dedicated to giving our students the best learning opportunities we can, as well as creating opportunities that will allow them to share their learning with a wider audience. The Archibull Prize is the perfect opportunity for us to do this.


While many of our students come from an agricultural background, grain is the predominant industry in our region, so we look forward to finding out more about the sheep industry and discover ways in which farming may be the same or different.

We also look forward to working with our Young Farming Champion Emma Turner who knows what it means to be educated in a small school and will help educate our students in the ways of the wool.

We look forward to sharing our journey with you.


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